When you have a filling done, the decay is removed from the tooth and replaced with a resin or amalgam. This is a new material in your tooth and it will take your body time to adjust to it. Immediately following the treatment you should wait 2 hours to allow for the anesthesia to wear off before eating.  Keeping a soft diet the day of the procedure will help minimize pain and sensitivity. You should avoid chewy or hard foods such as taffy, bagels, steak, or hard candy. Also, avoiding hot and cold food or drink for the first few days following the procedure will help with the sensitivity. After a few days your teeth should feel as good as new. We recommended continuing with your hygiene schedule and at home care to ensure your fillings will last a long time. You may experience sensitivity for up to a week following the procedure, this is normal and to be expected. If you experience pain or sensitivity for more than 7 days following the procedure contact our office at 317-789-1000.