Whether you are preparing for an event (wedding, reunion, prom, or graduation) or just looking to improve your smile. The knowledgeable staff of Jamestowne Dental is here to help you find the right whitening solution for you. For more information about whitening contact us at 317-789-1000.


Dr. Noble conducts consultation appointments by examining your mouth, reviewing any treatment that may need completed prior to, and discussing your whitening options. In order to determine whether or not you are a candidate that qualifies for whitening you must be seen for examination. You must be an established patient with all treatment completed and current, if you are not a current patient call and schedule your new patient appointment today!

In-Office Whiteningzoomb4

Jamestowne Dental is proud to offer the best in-office whitening technology. Philips Sonicare Zoom Whitespeed is the safest and most efficient way to provide drastic whitening results in less than an hour. Using light activated 25% Hydrogen Peroxide and LED technology Philips Zoom can provide up to *eight shades lighter.

What to Expect

After determining that you are a qualified candidate for whitening, Dr. Noble will take impressions for bleaching trays and discuss a sensitivity regimen with you. On procedure day you will receive a take home kit that provides you with your bleaching trays, ACP Relief gel, and Day White or Night White gel.

The in-office procedure takes approximately an hour and a half. At tzoom-examplehe beginning of the appointment we place Vitamin E oil on your lips. A protective barrier is then placed around the gum line to prevent exposure of the tissue to the bleach. After the barrier has been placed we apply the light-activated whitening gel. The Whitespeed lamp is then positioned near your teeth activating the Hydrogen Peroxide gel. The procedure consists on average of three ,but up to four, 15 minute sessions that can be adjusted in intensity should there be any discomfort or sensitivity.

Following the procedure you will leave the office wearing your bleaching trays with the ACP Relief gel out of office to assist with any sensitivity following the procedure. We recommend you avoid smoking and beverages or food that may stain your teeth for the first 48 hours after having it done.

Take-Home Whitening

Take-home whitening is an affordable way to get a beautiful whitening results. By following an at home regimen you can achieve a whiter smile in as little as *two weeks.

What to Expect

After determining you are a qualified candidate for whitening Dr. Noble will take impressions for custom bleaching trays that are made specifically for your teeth. There are different options for at home whitening gel, Dr. Noble will consult with you to find which gel fits you and your lifestyle.

*Results may vary